MEXT Scholarship 2025


MEXT Scholarship for 2025 Embassy Recommendation

Applications Open  
 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan offers scholarships to Yemeni students who wish to study in graduate courses at Japanese universities as Research Students (either regular students or non-regular students) under the Japanese Governments (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2025.
Please go to the links below and read the guideline. You can download ALL the necessary application forms from the link
●General Information and Application Forms:
Application for Research Students - Embassy Recommendation

●Research Students Guideline:
Application Guidelines for Research Students
【Selection Schedule】
1.     April 18 (Thr): Applicatin starts.
2.     May 25 (Sat): Application deadline. Only by Email (soft copy)
3.     By May 29 (Wed): The announcement of the application screening results by email.
4.     June 13 (Thu): The written exams and interview at the Embassy of Japan in Yemen (Sanaa) and the Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) only for those who pass the application screening.
5.     Those who pass the exams and interview will be recommended to MEXT, and MEXT will conduct the second screening. The final result will be announced in early 2025.
*Please note that only those who pass the application screening will receive email from the Embassy of Japan in Yemen ( If you do not receive an email from the embassy by May 29, it means that you are rejected as a result of the application screening.
*The schedule is subject to change without notice.

【How to Apply】
· Applicants must have Yemeni nationality. Those who have other nationality should contact the Japanese Embassies in their respective countries.
· Those who wish to apply for the scholarship must read the guideline carefully and send all the required documents by email to the cultural section of the Embassy of Japan in Yemen ( by May 25 (Sat). Your application will NOT be considered if you send application documents to other embassy email addresses.
· All Application documents must be sent in one email and the total file size should be less than 10 MB.
· Please specify in your email at which location (Sanaa or Riyadh) you prefer to take the written exams and interview.
· Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
· Late application will NOT be considered.
1. Can I apply for scholarships for undergraduate students?
-No, the Embassy of Japan in Yemen only accepts applications for Research Students.

2. I live outside of both Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Can I apply for the scholarship through the Embassy of Japan in Cairo, Amman, or others?
-No, applications from Yemeni students are accepted only through the Embassy of Japan in Yemen.

3. Can I take the written exams and interview online?
-No, you have to come to either Embassy of Japan in Yemen (Sanaa) or Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to take the written exams and interview.
4. Can the Embassy help me to obtain VISA to Saudi Arabia to take the exams?
-No, applicants must obtain VISA on their own, and bear the expense for coming to the embassy.

5. Do I have to submit my photos with the application?
-Yes, under any circumstances, submission of your photos is necessary. You may wear hijab, shemagh, or ghutra.
6. Do I have to take Japanese exam? I have never studied Japanese before.
-Yes, it is mandatory for you to take both Japanese and English exam. You will not be rejected because of your lack of Japanese language ability. However, trying to answer as much as you can in the Japanese exam will show your interest in studying in Japan.
Past examinations are available from here:
7. I would like to bring my family to Japan. Is it possible?
-Please note that under the MEXT scholarship program, the allowance and flight ticket fare will be covered only for the student who passed the exam and the screening. If you wish to bring your family to Japan, the Japanese government cannot pay for his/her visa, allowance, and flight ticket fare. Visa processing time and necessary documents may vary depending on how you are related to the family member who wishes to go to Japan with you.
For further information, please contact