Culture & Education


The Embassy of Japan "Information and Cultural Center" in Sanaa is closed.

1- Cultural Events

The Embassy of Japan conducted several activities to introduce Japanese culture.


2- Cultural Grant Aid

Japanese Cultural Grant Aid

The Japanese Government provides Cultural Grant Aid to cover the procurement cost of equipment to be used for various cultural and educational activities. The cost covers the transportation and installation.

The following list shows the disbursement over recent years for this Grant Aid.

Cultural Grant Aid Achievement


Project name

Grant amount(Yen)


Research equipment to Sana’a University



Electron microscope to Sana’a University



Broadcasting equipment for educational and cultural programs to Yemen Radio and TV Cooperation



Audio-visual equipment to Sana’a cultural center



Archeological preservation equipment to General Organization for the Preservation of Historic Cities



Television Programs for Yemen Radio and TV Corporation



Equipment for Producing Educational TV Programs to the Educational Aids Production Center, Ministry of Education



Audio-visual equipment to the Cultural Center in Sana’a



Equipment for preservation of Historical documents to the National Center for Archives, Presidential Office



Improvement of sports equipment of the Yemen Olympic Committee



Improvement of the research equipment for the Central Laboratory of Sana'a University


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The Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects

This Grant aims to ensure better response to a variety of increasing needs in the fields of culture and higher education in the Republic of Yemen and cooperate more positively in the said fields. The Government of Japan introduced a scheme named the Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects in 2000.

Following list shows recent Years disbursement for this Cultural Grassroots Projects

Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project



Grant Amount


Audio-Visual equipment to the Yemeni-Japanese Friendship Association



Conservation Equipment for Cultural Heritages to the General Organization for Antiquities, Museums and Manuscripts



Improvement of Karate Training equipment of Yemen Karate Federation



Supply of training equipment to Yemen Gymnastics Federation



Improvement of buses of the General Federation for Women on Sports



Improvement of Japanese Language Learning Equipment of Yemeni-Japanese Friendship Association



3- Study in Japan

General Information about study in Japan

If you are interested in studying in Japan, these Websites below would be useful to you:

  1. *Study in Japan (A Comprehensive Guide)
  2. *Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
  3. *Japanese Colleges and Universities Search

Scholarship from the Government of Japan

The Government of Japan offers scholarships to Yemen nationals in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The program comprises:

  1. Undergraduate Scholarship
  2. Research non-degree scholarships at graduate school

Guidelines & Application Forms

For further information, please contact:
Cultural and Information Section, Embassy of Japan in Yemen
(Sat. -Wed., 07:45-15:30)
Tel: (967)1-423700
Fax: (967)1-417850


4- Japanese Language Courses

The Yemen-Japan Friendship Association organizes courses for the Japanese language to Yemeni nationals in the Association.

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Japanese Language Courses

If you are interested in studying Japanese in Japan, these Websites below would be useful to you.

*Japanese Language Institutions in Japan


5- International Exchange Programs

The Japanese Government along with select non-profit organizations offers a wide range of programs for individuals who seek exciting and challenging opportunities in Japan. Please visit the links below for more information on the various programs.

*The Japan Foundation main page

*International exchange programs in over 180 countries


6- Ship for World Youth

Ship for World Youth Program is an exchange project hosted by the Government of Japan. It brings together youth between the ages of 18 and 30 from around the world, including Japan. The program starts in Japan. After orientation, participants board the ship and travel through the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean. In addition to orientation in Japan, the program includes seminars and cultural, sports and leisure activities at sea in order for the participants to learn about one another countries and cultures. In the past, Yemen has been invited to participate 4 times in the past (1996, 2007, 2008, and 2010).
For useful information related to the alumni associations of the Ship for World Youth, please visit the links below.
*International Youth Exchange Organization/Ship for World Youth